A picture of a sunset with the stars and mountains visible, as well as a shooting star across the center.

Infographic on the HP-35

An infographic on the HP-35 calculator.

This project of creating an informative infographic taught me quite a lot about the steps in making infographics not only aesthetically appealing, but informative as well.

Making an infographic was completely new to me, but I was excited to get to try to make one. During the process of making the infographic on the HP-35, I discovered an assortment of facts and tidbits that I had previously not known about in the history of calculators!

I'm quite proud of the information I provided, and I believe almost everyone could learn a little bit of calculator history from it! If there were something I'd like to change with my infographic, it would be the layout, as much as I like how 'techy' it was, it might be confusing for people who aren't so tech-savvy.

Getting to make an infographic overall taught me quite a bit in how important presentation of information is, and how making it as easily understandable by a wide population is important!