A picture of a sunset with the stars and mountains visible, as well as a shooting star across the center.

CSS Project

This CSS project was a fun challenge for me to push my own limits of my knowledge of CSS and the various tricks you can do with it!

CSS and styling websites isn't new to me, and I've actually used HTML and CSS for a few years now, primarily for little projects, but I decided to challenge myself with this page, to make it as much of an eyesore as possible, and I do believe I succeeded quite well (that bright/neon color warning wasn't for nothing!)

I'm extremely proud of myself for fitting quite a few animations into the page, as well as including some silly shenanigans with them. If there were changes I intended to make , it would be to add even more animations and bright colors, there's always room to make it more colorful!

Overall, this project pushed me to my limits with CSS and making a website without utilizing Bootstrap (which I use quite often, it's very neat and useful!)